Beginners guide

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - or a thousand swords!

And we mean this literally! Your picture can be worth thousands of swords or more so read on to discover how you can start playing GANL in literally seconds!

Unique Character Generation Algorithm

GANL brings you an innovative concept that is the very first of its kind, employing the latest in modern computer technology and its unique, sophisticated methologic generation algorithm allowing it to build a completely unique game character based on nothing else but a still picture!

Hundreds and thousands of different parameters and calculations guarantee a whirlpool of possibilities regarding a character's initial outcome.

We offer players two kinds of character generation: Take a photo on your webcam, or select an existing image on your computer.

Create Your Own Heroes!

You can easily create your own character with unique attributes and special abilities through the Home Page.

You are prompted to pick a preferred method for generation: (shown on image)

Option 1:
lets you select a picture off of any local device, such as a (portable) hard disk, USB stick or CD / DVD-ROM / Bluray / etc.

Option 2:
allows you to take a snapshot with your webcam

Keep in mind that every single picture has its unique attributes, so be sure to experiment with different images if you're not satisfied. Eventually striking that crazy pose on your webcam will be worth the effort!

Create Your Account

After you've selected an image or took a snapshot with your webcam, you will be prompted to create an account.
Doing so is a fairly simple process which requires you to fill in several required fields. After e-mail confirmation, you're ready to login and play the game!

Basic tips

When you can login to the game a whole new world of endless possibilities unlocks its gates for you. You have the ability to create a whole army of individual characters and then take them to battle! If you're unhappy about a certain character you can remove it, but if you've got a favourite you can keep it and make it much stronger by leveling up.

Common in-game terms

AP (Action Points)
Every time you take your character to battle it costs 1 Action Point. AP are given to your characters every 30 minutes. It's recommended you fill all your vault slots as to not miss out on any AP!
Coins are used to purchase special abilities and items.
My Vault
Your vault will show general information and contains slots that allow you to create and delete characters.
Slots can be occupied by a character.
Removal Points
Removal Points are used to delete a character. These are only replenished once every 24 hours, so be sure to use them wisely!

To learn more, visit our forum's Help Section here.

Now that you know all the basics you can sign up for a free account straight away!